Guidance for Shabbat Erev Pesach

Meal Preparation and Chometz Consumption

The following guidelines are strongly recommended to ensure a proper transition from Shabbat, March 27 into Pesach, which begins that night.

  • The deadline for consuming chometz is 11: 13am Shabbat morning. The deadline for disposing of and nullifying chometz is 12: 15pm. Therefore, one's home should be chometz-free BEFORE Shabbat begins with the exception of bread for the first two Shabbat meals i.e. a pair of challah rolls for Friday night and another pair for Shabbat morning. (As always, make sure there is sufficient challah for each participant to consume at least a k'zovit io be able to recite Birkat HaMazon. A.k'zayit is equivalent to approximately half of the center slice of a loaf ot rye bread.)

  • Matzah may not be consumed.

  • Egg matzah may be used instead of challah but should not be consumed by Ashkenazim after 11: 13am.

  • It is permissible to consume other chometz until 11:13am, but I do not recommend it as there is great potential to undo the Pesadic status of your home, utensils, and sink. For more comprehensive guidelines about serving chometz Friday night and Shabbat morning, see the Orthodox Union page here.

  • Shabbat meals should be served using disposable (recyclable/compostable!) plates and cutlery. See the OU link above for guidance regarding regular dishes.

  • The morning meal should conclude by 11: 13am. Shabbat services are scheduled earlier than usual to facilitate this guideline.

  • By 12: 15pm, ellchometz crumbs should be carefully picked up and flushed down the toilet and plates/cutlery should be disposed of. If you follow the advice about having an essentially Pesadic meal, any leftovers on your plate will be Pesadik so there will be no issue of having chometz to dispose of.

  • Recite Kai Chamira by 12: 15pm, even if you accidentally recited it Friday.

  • The mitzvah of Seudah shlishis (third meal) can be fulfilled using fruit, fish, meat, eggs (to the exclusion of bread.) It should be eaten in moderation and concluded by sunset. For alternative ways to observe Seudah Shlishis, see the OU link above.