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Adult Education
Hadran Daf Yomi of Minneapolis 

Sundays at 10:00 AM, on Zoom

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Darchei Noam-Rehovot Berman Shul Book Club  

Sunday, August 11 at Noon

We are reading When the Grey Beetles Took Over Baghdad by Mona Yahia.

"In this story of growing up in Baghdad in the 1960s, Mona Yahia tells a personal story set against the backdrop of political upheaval in an increasingly fractured society. Lina clings to childhood and the security of her youth during the last peaceful period for the 2500-year-old Jewish community in Iraq. When that peace begins to crumble in the face of violent outbreaks and increasingly anti-Semitic rhetoric from the government, the usual uncertainties of adolescence are augmented by growing fear..."

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