Upcoming Yahrtzeits

Ida Rapoport, mother of Ed Rapoport
30 Cheshvan, Wednesday night/Thursday November 24

Isaac Hametz, father of Debbie Mintz
2 Kislev, Friday night/Saturday November 26

Albert Tychman, father of Judy Shapiro
7 Kislev, Wednesday night/Thursday December 1

Ephraim Prombaum, father of Simcha Prombaum, grandfather of Talya Gepner
7 Kislev, Wednesday night/Thursday December 1

Idelle Levey, cousin of Betty Baumgarten
8 Kislev, Thursday night/Friday December 2

Jack Levine, father of Abraham Levine
8 Kislev, Thursday night/Friday December 2

Yahrtzeit Board

We are pleased to announce that the new Darchei Noam Yahrzeit Board isinstalled.  Please see instructions if you wish to contribute memorial plaques, The cost is $450 per plaque.  Orders and checks may be dropped off in the shul box, or the order information may be emailed to darcheiyahrzeit@gmail.com and the check sent to shul.  Thank you to all who have worked on this important project.

Yahrtzeit Board

If you have updated yahrtzeit information, please forward it to Allan (baumg010@umn.edu).  Please make an extra effort to attend our morning and evening minyanim to support our members who are saying Kaddish, and those observing yahrtzeits.

To help those who are unable to say kaddish given the closure of our building, we request that the entire congregation consider taking on additional acts of chessed, tzedakah, and learning in memory of those whose yahrzeits are being observed this week. 

To update yahrzeit information, please contact
Allan Baumgarten  baumg010@umn.edu