Upcoming Yahrtzeits

Tybie Levine, grandmother of Wendy Khabie
Rabbi Israel Silverberg, father of Judy Snitzer
19 Cheshvan, Saturday evening/Sunday November 16-17

Jay Toberman, brother of Bonnie Kamel
20 Cheshvan, Sunday evening/Monday November 17-18

Jacob Buchbinder, father of Alan Buchbinder
Sadie Lynn, grandmother of David Lynn
21 Cheshvan, Monday evening/Tuesday November 18-19

Dina Lerner, mother in law of Jack Geretz
22 Cheshvan, Tuesday evening/Wednesday November 19-20

Yahrtzeit Board

We are pleased to announce that the new Darchei Noam Yahrzeit Board isinstalled.  Please see instructions if you wish to contribute memorial plaques, The cost is $450 per plaque.  Orders and checks may be dropped off in the shul box, or the order information may be emailed to darcheiyahrzeit@gmail.com and the check sent to shul.  Thank you to all who have worked on this important project.

If you have updated yahrtzeit information, please forward it to Allan (baumg010@umn.edu).  Please make an extra effort to attend our morning and evening minyanim to support our members who are saying Kaddish, and those observing yahrtzeits.

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