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Upcoming Yahrtzeits

Chasha Palchick, great-grandmother of Susan Palchick
12 Sivan, Wednesday night/Thursday June 1

Charlotte Aizman, mother of Janie Buchbinder
14 Sivan, Friday night/Saturday June 3

Heinz Frank, father of Lili Garfinkel
16 Sivan, Sunday night/Monday June 5

Joanne Glotter, mother of Mark Glotter
16 Sivan, Sunday night/Monday June 5

Avraham Shalom Neches, grandfather of Abraham Levine
17 Sivan, Monday night/Tuesday June 6

Sylvia Prombaum, mother of Simcha Prombaum
17 Sivan, Monday night/Tuesday June 6

Rose Selnick, mother of Betty Baumgarten
19 Sivan, Wednesday night/Thursday June 8

Earl Toberman, father of Bonnie Kamel
21 Sivan, Friday night/Saturday June 10

Please make an extra effort to attend our morning and evening minyanim to support our members who are saying Kaddish, and those observing yahrtzeits.

To update yahrzeit information, please contact
Allan Baumgarten

Yahrtzeit Board
Yahrzeit Board.HEIC

How to contribute a memorial plaque

The cost is $450 per plaque. Orders and checks may be dropped off in the box in the shul library, or the order information may be emailed to and the check mailed to the shul. Thank you to all who have worked on this important project.

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