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Youth Programs

Sunday, June 4 at 9 AM

All youth are welcome!

Hebrew Immersion with Maayan & Naama for grades PreK - 1

Darchei Academy Jr. with Rabbi Davis for grades 2 - 4

Darchei Academy with Dalia Davis for grades 5 - 8


There will be two more regular Sunday morning youth programs, June 11 and 18th.

June 18th will be one of a few opportunities for youth to say farewell and express hakarat hatov (gratitude) to Maayan & Naama as well as to Shira Brudoley for their outstanding teaching efforts this past year.

בינה — Teen Scholars Circle


The Circle meets weekly and features two classes, a kosher catered dinner, and socializing with friends. Classes focus on Jewish ethics and thought, Tenach, Israel and more.

The current semester's program includes shiurim by Rabbi Matt Goldberg and Rabbanit Dalia Davis, and 'Hebrew hang-out' time with Maayan and Naama.

For information about the next semester contact Rob Portnoe at

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