Youth Programming

Youth Zoom link: CLICK HERE Meeting ID: 850 976 264
Dial by phone alternative: (312) 626-6799 

Meeting ID: 850 976 264

CLICK HERE for Family Parsha Sheets by Mr. Robert Portnoe (grades 4 and older) and Parshah & Tefillah videos by Morah Elena Khalitov (grades 3 and younger.)

Shabbat March 6

10:15 AM Torah Study with Mr. Portnoe, grades 5-8 Outdoors at shul

Darchei Academy
Sunday, March 7  9:15 -10 AM
See Zoom Access info above.

Darchei U for Teens
THIS Sunday, March 7 at 6:45 PM  
We continue our focus on lifecycle events surrounding engagement and weddings. 

RSVP by TOMORROW, Friday, March 6 and receive pizza dinner at your door prior to class.  RSVP to, subject line "Darchei U Pizza!"

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