Mazal Tov!  ~  מזל טוב

Mazal tov to Eytan Krebs upon completing his studies of Mishnayot Seder Mo'ed.  (See Seudah Shlishit & Siyum note above.)  May you go from strength to strength!


Welcome! ~ ברוכים הבאים

We are thrilled to welcome several new families to our community during the weeks ahead.  We will do our utmost to be of assistance in any way possible and look forward to forging new relationships.


Don't forget to sign up HERE for the opportunity to welcome our B'not Sheirut to your home for a Shabbat or Yom Tov meal.  Please refer questions regarding kashrut and community standards to Rabbi Davis.


Thank you ~ תודה רבה

Thank you to all who organized and led this year's Rosh Hashanah services.  The community appreciates your time and efforts!

Thank you to the youth committee and all who provided childcare and classes during services.  

Thank you Allan Baumgarten for handling Arba Minim orders.

To sponsor a future Kiddush, please contact Judy Shapiro.


Seeking Sukkah Builders & Sukkah Hoppers

Are you able to help build the Darchei Noam Sukkah?

Are you able to be a host stop for our annual Sukkah hop?

Please contact the shul ASAP.

Special thanks to Mitch Burke for spearheading this year's shul sukkah construction.