We wish a hearty yashar ko'ach and thank you to all participants and readers last week's Women's Shir HaShirim including: Shully Adler, Dalia Davis, Debbie Engelen-Eigels, Arianna Gavzy, Helene Lockspeiser, Dahlia Krebs, Riva Kupritz, Lis Shapiro and Judy Snitzer.  Special thanks to organizer/reader Judy Shapiro!

Special thanks to Robert Portnoe for once again repairing the text on one of our sifrei Torah, in addition to abundant amounts of Torah rolling throughout Pesach.  Every shul should be so blessed!

Clean Speech Minnesota

Darchei Noam is proud to join this initiative along with more than a dozen local Jewish institutions that includes Herzl Camp, Kenesset Israel, Sholom Home, Beth Jacob Congregation, Yeshiva of Minneapolis. 

Special thanks to Alice Khalitov for producing our two-minute video contribution to the project.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Brief Survey Assistance
L’Dor va-Dor in a Digital Age

Rabbi Hayim Herring is collecting data for a forthcoming book and would appreciate your help.  Please click the following link to fill out a brief survey: 

A message from Rabbi Herring: 

The purpose of our survey research is to understand relationships and connections: to family, to the Jewish community and its institutions, and the Jewish community’s engagement with broader civic issues like climate change, food insecurity, and racial and gender discrimination. Given our heavy reliance on technology because of COVID-19, we also want to understand the technologies’ role in maintaining these relationships.

Thank you for your kind assistance.

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