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Care bags for those experiencing homelessness are still available and must be delivered soon!   Please don't let these packages go to waste!  Bags are available in the shul lobby, or contact Rabbi Davis to arrange alternative pick-up or drop-off times at your home.
Thank you to Leah Golberstein for creating these bags in observance of her father's yahrzeit.


*New* Darchei Help Hotline Initiative
We are setting up a system whereby someone facing health challenges, or needing some extra support, will be able to call a Darchei volunteer for immediate and long-term support.  We will help connect people to resources they might need (e.g. meals, shopping, Zoom visits or calls, financial or pastoral support etc.) We will also send small care packages.
If you are interested in becoming a "hotline" volunteer and/or have ideas for care packages, please contact Miriam Garland at


Beans for Neighbors
Thank you Heather Fruen, Miriam Garland, Judy Marcus and Lis Shapiro for coordinating this month's Beans for Neighbors purchase, packing and delivery.  Thank you to all who contributed funds to make this happen.  Please keep up your generous contributions.

Thank You ~ תּוֹדָה רַבָּה

Thank you to the numerous planners, panelists and participants in our COVID Vaccine Webinar.

Thank you KITCH committee members who helped make this event possible: Howie Israelson, Wendy Khabie, Naomi Oxman and Sharon Feinstein Rosenblum.
We are grateful to our esteemed panel of "Darchei Docs" and healthcare experts: Nina Bacaner, Hanna Bloomfield, Alan Buchbinder, Merle Hillman, Bob Karasov, Susan Palchick, Ryan Shapin and Cindy Sherman.

Special thanks to our guest speaker Dr. Bazak Sharon for his time, knowledge and efforts.

If you missed the webinar, CLICK HERE to access the recording.

Additional COVID vaccine info and resources can be found at: 

Reopening Guidlines

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