Thank You!

Thank you Meredith Anderson and Keren Prombaum for shopping and preparing delicious dishes for our Taste of Sigd treats.  Thank you Leah Golberstein and Lis Shapiro for supplying recipes and music, and to Maayan and Naama for support including set-up and clean-up, and thank you Rabbi Eli Markowitz for providing important clarification about the jalapeno-ginger-garlic-onion situation! 

Special thanks to Belaynish Mekonen for the fascinating audio/visual presentation and as well as for introducing our community to the festival of Sigd in general!

Tzeitchem l'shalom and thank you to the Khalitov Family for sharing their impressive 'Kotel' with our shul.  The Kotel will make appearances at various youth and Yom Tov events.  (See photo at bottom right.)

Tzeitchem l'shalom and thank you Marshall & Debbie Mintz for sharing a beautiful sukkah plus schach with our community.  If you do not own a sukkah, and can put a large one to good use, please contact Rabbi Davis.

The Cholent Project II   Brrrrr!  It's cold and that means...Cholent!!! 

Help us bring back The Cholent Project, a delicious culinary community-building exercise.  It's simple.  Volunteer to make a cholent for almost any upcoming kiddush.  Prep can be done at your convenience in as little as 15-minutes.  Any flavor and type of cholent that you desire, from your Bubbe's hallowed recipe to funky Fijian fusion!  Whatever.  Coordinate kitchen use with Rabbi Davis, do your prep thing and we'll make sure the crockpot is on and primed to go before Shabbat.  Contact Rabbi Davis to reserve a Shabbat, and let us know if you want to dedicate your cholent in honor/memory of someone or something!

Chanukah Planning and Preparation

If you love Chanukah and community, help us prepare for this year's chag!  Darchei runs on volunteers and we can't do it without you.  Email HERE to get in on the fun.


Hospitality Rotation

We are hoping to revive our Shabbat meal hospitality rotation.  Are you able to save a seat or two for guests at your Shabbat table once every month or so?  Contact Rabbi Davis to learn more, and/or if you have questions about your home kashrut level.  Let's keep striving to build back our community!

Host the Banot! 

Maayan and Naama are amazing additions to our community and they are excited for the opportunities they will have to spend more time with the families in our kehila!  We are seeking meal hosts on Shabbat, so please sign up to have them over.  Please sign up here: MEAL SIGN UP  (Note - No allergies.  1 vegan.)   Kashrut standards must be consistent with Orthodox halachah.  Please refer questions to Rabbi Davis (

Rabbi Davis will also be reaching out to all hosts with some helpful tips and reminders about these standards.