Todah Rabah ~ Thank You 

Our Purim celebration would not be possible without the work of a team of dedicated individuals.  We don't want to leave anyone out so please forgive us if you read about these folks more than once!  Herewith is a preliminary list because we just couldn't wait to say THANK YOU.

A complete list of all of our helpers and generous sponsors will appear in Monday's Dateline: Darchei Noam email.

Rabbi Davis who makes every holiday feel like a real celebration without limitations! 
Our Megillah readers Rafi Geretz, Robert Porntnoe and Ron Krebs keep us hanging on the edge of our seats (even though we know how the story ends). 
Rob Portnoe who orchestrated yet another delicious meal "to-go." 
Rob's kitchen helpers: Rabbi Davis, Meredith Anderson, Mark Bass, Rafi Geretz and Naomi Oxman. 
Double thanks to Meredith for the hamentashen baking, too!
Leigh Deschamps and Gabriella Fine helped bag the KITCH Mishloach Manot.
Our Mishloach Manot delivery captain is Howie Israelson, and his delivery team: Rafi Geretz, Mark Glotter, Marshall Mintz, and Ed Rapoport.
And thanks to our women Megillah readers and organizers including Judy Shapiro and Shira Krebs and everyone who works so hard to keep this tradition alive!

Chesed Box  

If you're reading this on Purim Friday, it's not too late to contribute funds for Matanot L'Evyonim.
Cash/Check/Credit are all acceptable.  See Purim information above and please contribute sooner than later to facilitate smooth disbursements Purim day!
If you or someone you know is in need of financial assistance, please contact Rabbi Davis.  All matters are held in strict confidence.  Click HERE to email him.

Care bags for those experiencing homelessness are still available and must be delivered soon!   Please don't let these packages go to waste!  Bags are available in the shul lobby, or contact Rabbi Davis to arrange alternative pick-up or drop-off times at your home.
Thank you to Leah Golberstein for creating these bags in observance of her father's yahrzeit.


*New* Darchei Help Hotline Initiative
We are setting up a system whereby someone facing health challenges, or needing some extra support, will be able to call a Darchei volunteer for immediate and long-term support.  We will help connect people to resources they might need (e.g. meals, shopping, Zoom visits or calls, financial or pastoral support etc.) We will also send small care packages.
If you are interested in becoming a "hotline" volunteer and/or have ideas for care packages, please contact Miriam Garland at

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