Noam Nachas

Mazal tov to the 15 outstanding Jewish professionals who have been selected for Class 6 of the Wexner Field Fellowship! Two of the Field Fellows have Darchei Noam connections:  Rabbi Aaron Potek and Amy Weiss.

Jewish Summer Camp Scholarships Available!

The Federation has graciously made available scholarships for camps and Israel studies programs.  The final application deadline is March 7th, but now is a great time to act and dream big!  See HERE for details and applications.

Announcing...The Heater Gemach

Stay warm this winter! Justin & Stephanie Saad are introducing a space heater gemach to help out those in the community who are in need of some extra warmth. If your furnace is out, or you have a situation where you need to borrow a space heater, just send Stephanie an email at:

To sponsor a future Kiddush, please contact Judy Shapiro.


Introducing...The Cholent Project

The Cholent Project is intended to:

  • Project the presence (and culinary talents) of community members who may not be able to join us in shul as frequently as they had in the past.  It is a way for us to dwell in our community together, even as we remain (in some ways) apart.

  • Warm us up with an infusion of Jewish soul food as we set new records for America's coldest (and safest!) kiddush this winter.

Contact Rabbi Davis if you'd like to join the growing roster of chefs.  Pick a week.  Bring your ingredients to shul on a day that works for you.  Use shul equipment to prep your cholent, fleishig or pareve.  We'll refrigerate it and set it to cook before Shabbat.  (Rabbi Davis will check ingredients and make sure you have the proper equipment.  You will be reimbursed for the ingredients.) You can dedicate your cholent in honor/memory of someone or something. Leftovers are yours or will be donated to those in need.