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Mazal Tov!    !מזל טוב 

Mazal tov to Sylvia Gepner upon the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah!  Mazal tov to parents Josh and Talya, sister Amira, grandparents Rabbi Simcha & Keren Prombaum, and Jeff and Carol Gepner, and to the entire family!  May Sylvia continue to be inspired by her Jewish learning and to inspire others with her positive spirit and thirst for knowledge.

Mazal Tov to Meira & Ben Gorbaty on the birth of a boy Thursday morning!  Mazal Tov to big sister Liana and to the entire family!

A private bris is scheduled for next Thursday iy"H and we look forward to sharing the name as soon as it is known. 

Please watch your email inbox for opportunities to help with meal support.

May the child grow in health, happiness and love of Yiddishkeit surrounded by loving family and community.

Special Kiddush Celebration!

Shabbat, March 25

The community is invited to a special kiddush luncheon in celebration of Jack Geretz's 90th birthday b"H!  Bring your appetite, berachot and perhaps a vignette or two to share about our wonderful Jack.

Second Seder at Darchei Noam

Thursday, April 6 at 8:30 PM

RSVP by Monday, March 27 to

Non-member rate: $25 adult / $20 youth / $90 family maximum

Darchei member rate: $18 Adult / $15 Youth / $75 family maximum

If you're in town for Pesach, consider joining this Seder to make it a truly communal event!

Whether or not you're able to attend, we invite your help with planning, shopping cooking and other preparations.  Contact Meredith Anderson or Rabbi Davis to get involved, and thank you!

Watch Darchei Noam email communication for our Pesach schedule, Chometz Sales information, and ways you can contribute to our Ma'ot Chitim Pesach Fund. 

Upcoming Events For Women...

We look forward to a Women's Shir Hashirim reading on Shabbat Chol HaMo'ed Pesach, April 8 in the afternoon.  Contact Judy Shapiro if you are interested in reading.

We will also have a Women's Torah Reading on the seventh day of Pesach (Shirat HaYam) Wednesday, April 12 concurrent with our regular Torah reading.  Interested readers should contact Dalia Davis. 


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