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Eruv of Minnesota Campaign

The Eruv of Minnesota is conducting its annual campaign to raise funds for the operation and maintenance of our Community Eruv. Please show that you value the Eruv and respond generously by mailing a check to 4800 W 27th St, Minneapolis, MN 55416 or making an online payment from the link to PayPal (not a logo) on the Eruv of Minnesota Facebook page.

Shabbat, May 25
Aufruf celebrating the forthcoming marriage of Talie Geretz and Alex Gorsky!
Also that Shabbat ~ Lehitra'ot to Belaynish Mekonen

Shabbat, June 1
Shabbaton with Rabbi Ysoscher Katz

Shabbat, June 8
Annual Graduates' Shabbat Kiddush

Shavuot - Tuesday night, June 11 - Thursday June 13
Watch for more details about our Tuesday night Tikun Leyl Shavuot and Day 2 Youth Dvar Torah Slam and a special opportunity to recognize and say farewell to our outstanding B'not Sheirut, Orit David and Renana German.

Shabbat, June 22
Bar Mitzvah of Moshe Saad!

Friday night, July 5
Welcome the Israeli Scouts!  Special pre-Shabbat show followed by davening and dinner. 

Mazal Tov!  !מזל טוב

Mazal tov to Talie Geretz and Alex Gorsky upon their forthcoming wedding and Alex's aufruf this Shabbat!  Mazal tov to the Geretz and Gorsky families!

Thank You ~ תודה רבה


Thank you to all who helped with our Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut programs including Dalia Davis, Eilat Harel, Abe Levine and Lis Shapiro.  Special thanks to Orit and Renana for their abundant behind-the-scenes work!

Thank you to Ron Plotsker and all who helped pack lunches last Friday at Every Meal.  Our terrific crew helped assemble nearly 3,000 packages to help kids get through the weekend without going hungry.

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