Chesed Box

~Beans for Neighbors~

What can $1/month per Darchei family do for our SLP neighbors?

It brings nutritious meals of beans to their tables! Please help support other  communities around us! Darchei’s Beans for Neighbors project supplies approximately 80 pounds of dried beans a month to STEP.

How to donate?

Donations can be sent $1/month, or a one time annual donation of $12 earmarked to Food for Neighbors.

If you or someone you know is in need of financial assistance, please contact Rabbi Davis.  All matters are held in strict confidence.  Click HERE to email him.


The State of Minnesota recently changed eligibility requirements for residents to be vaccinated. 

If any of our members would like assistance signing up for vaccinations, please contact either Rabbi Davis or Rafi Geretz.  Likewise, if you are able to assist Darchei Noam members or community members with sign-ups, please notify Rabbi Davis or Rafi Geretz.Darchei Noam Chesed Hotline
If you are facing a physical or mental health challenge or are in need of some extra support, please reach out to the Darchei Noam Chesed Hotline.  You will receive support from a sympathetic Darchei member who will also be able to connect you with appropriate resources. All calls are strictly confidential. Check HERE for updates regarding volunteer availability.


bikur cholim packages

We now have a supply of bikur cholim packages for hospital/nursing home and related visits.  Thank you to the hardworking volunteers who assembled the materials.  Contact Miriam Garland if you are interested in obtaining a package for an upcoming visit.