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Chol Haom'ed

Shemini Atzeret

Simchat Torah

A schedule to print

Chol HaMo’ed ~ Monday - Thursday, October 2 -5

6:45 AM Shacharit

6:30 PM Mincha & Ma’ariv

Hoshanah Rabbah ~ Friday, October 6

6:30 AM Shacharit

6:26 PM Candle lighting for Shabbat & Yom Tov*

6:30 PM Mincha & Ma’ariv


Yom Tov Shemini Atzeret ~ Shabbat, October 7

9:00 AM Shacharit

9:45 AM Megillat Kohelet and

Women’s Megillat Kohelet Reading

10:50 AM Yizkor

Following services: 

Derasha by Shira Krebs

Kiddush, sponsored by Shira & Ron Krebs in honor of the first yahrzeit of Shira's mother, Brenda Katz, Batya Rachel bat Yakov v'Rivkah, z"l.

6:10 PM Mincha & Seudah Shelishis

7:15 Ma’ariv

7:27 Candle lighting from a pre-existing flame

7:30 PM Hakafot

Yom Tov Shemini Atzeret / Simchat Torah

Sunday, October 8

9:00 AM Shacharit

9:40 AM Hakafot

10:15 AM Women’s Torah Reading

~1:00 PM Following services, Kiddush and barbecue


6:30 PM Mincha

7:25 PM Ma’ariv

*Make sure to have an additional long-lasting source of flame (e.g., a yahrzeit candle) for candle lighting for the second night of Yom Tov.

Special Events
Women Reading

At the same time as the main service

Shmini Atzeret ~ Shabbat, October 7

9:45 AM Women will read Megillat Kohelet

Simchat Torah ~ Sunday, October 8

10:15 AM Women's Torah Reading

Simchat Torah BBQ

Simchat Torah Sunday, October 8 following services

One of our most popular annual events, this barbecue is a Yom Yov meal including Kiddush, Motzi and Birkat HaMazon.

RSVP to and tell us the number of attendees and if any are vegetarians. We need to know how much food to purchase.



$13/adult  and  $6/child (ages 3-13). $50 family maximum   

Send checks or cash to the shul or pay online

Write Simchat Torah BBQ in the comment or memo line.

Do not bring payment to shul on Yom Tov.

Thank you Elliot Davis and Rachel Jonas for your generous sponsorship in honor of your daughter Eva's birthday.

If you’d like to help sponsor this event, contact Rabbi Davis.

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