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Sukkot 5784

Lulav-Etrog Pickup
Sunday, September 24
  • After Shacharit, from 8:45 to 10 AM

  • Immediately before or after Mincha at 3:30 PM 


Sukkah Squad 

Can you help us build the Darchei Noam sukkah in the days following Yom Kippur? 

Tuesday, September 26 - Thursday, September 28  

Time TBD

Send us an email if you’d like to help.

Erev Sukkot

Friday, September 29


Shabbat, September 30 - Sunday, October 1

Sukkot Day VII and Hoshana Raba

Friday, October 6

Erev Shmini Atzeret

Friday evening, October 6

Shmini Atzeret 

Shabbat, October 7

Simchat Torah 

Shabbat evening, October 7 - Sunday, October 8

Sukkah Hop 

Sunday, October 1

Gather at Darchei Noam at 4 PM,

weather permitting

We are seeking hosts for sukkah hop stops. Hosts are asked to provide a small pareve hechshered snack and expect a 5-8 minute visit by up to 30 kids. Send a message to

if you’d like to host a hop stop. 

Contact Rabbi Davis if you have questions.

Women Reading

At the same time as the main service

Shmini Atzeret ~ Shabbat, October 7

10 AM Women will read Megillat Kohelet

Simchat Torah ~ Sunday, October 8

10:15 AM Women will read Torah 

Simchat Torah BBQ

Simchat Torah Sunday, October 8 following services

One of our most popular annual events, this barbecue is a Yom Yov meal including Kiddush, Motzi and Birkat HaMazon.


RSVP to and tell us the number of attendees and if any are vegetarians. We need to know how much food to purchase.



Discount: Take $1 off per person if you RSVP before Sukkot.

$13/adult  and  $6/child (ages 3-13).  $50 family maximum   

Send checks or cash to the shul or pay online

Write Simchat Torah BBQ in the comment or memo line.

Do not bring payment to shul on Yom Tov.

If you’d like to sponsor this event, contact Rabbi Davis.


Sarashira, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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