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Tisha B'Av 5782                  

The Nine Days & Tisha B'Av


We are in the midst of the Nine Days, continuing to reflect upon the loss of the Beit Hamikdash and centuries of exile, tragedy, disunity and fractiousness that consume our people. 

We express our grief during the Three Weeks through the observance of various restrictions including forgoing weddings, haircuts, shaving (with exceptions), live music, dancing, weddings, and situations requiring a Shehechiyanu berachah (except on Shabbat.) 

Additional Nine Days restrictions include: Consumption of meat and wine, except for Shabbat and se'udot mitzvah; Bathing/swimming for pleasure.  When bathing for hygiene, many are careful to take shorter lukewarm showers;  Wearing freshly laundered outer garments, except for Shabbat.  If necessary, the clothing of small children may be laundered and used during the Nine Days;  Planting trees, flowers and commencing home improvements;  Purchasing items that bring great joy;  Engaging in unnecessary travel;  Engaging in litigation. 

This is general summary and there are various exceptions.  Rabbi Davis is glad to discuss any questions you may have regarding the above practices. See here for additional information.

Shabbat, August 6th: Although the Hebrew date is the 9th of Av, we observe all aspects of Shabbat as we normally would (including wine and meat consumption) until sunset (8:32 PM).   Although Shabbat continues past sunset until nightfall, the fast begins at sunset.  However, we continue wearing Shabbat attire and leather shoes, greeting one another, and sitting on regular chairs until nightfall (9:23 PM).   

Tisha B'av:  At nightfall (9:23 PM), we recite "Baruch hamavdil bein kodesh lechol"  (Blessed is the One Who distinguishes between the sacred and the mundane.) We do not recite regular Havdalah, but we do kindle the Havdalah flame and recite that blessing only.  (An abridged Havdalah will be recited Sunday night after the fast.)

After Havdalah, remove leather shoes, change into weekday clothing and commence all aspects of Tisha B'Av observance including:

Sitting on the floor or on low chairs within a foot of the ground (unless this is medically unsafe);  Abstaining from bathing and washing of all forms (except minimal hand washing for basic bathroom hygiene);  Anointing with creams or oils;  Wearing leather shoes;  Intimate relations;  Greeting one another;  Torah study with the exception of appropriate texts.

We read Eichah at night and Kinnot by day.  We delay putting on tallit and tefillin until Mincha.

At halachik midday (1:19 PM), we may resume sitting on regular chairs.

Tallit and tefillin are worn during Mincha, and the service includes numerous additions.

This year, because the fast is observed on the 10th of Av, once the fast is over, all Three Weeks restrictions are lifted although we abstain from meat and wine until the following day (Monday).   We recite an abbreviated Havdalah without the introductory paragraph, candle and spices.  Wine for Havdalah is permitted.

Schedule for Tisha B'Av Weekend


Shacharit 9 AM

Early Mincha 5:30 PM - Please observe Seudah Shelishit at home

Sunset 8:32 PM - Cease eating and drinking

Nightfall 9:23 PM - Recite "Baruch hamavdil being kodesh l'chol." Tisha B'Av observance begins in full.

Ma'ariv & Eichah 9:35 PM


Shacharit 8 AM - Explanatory Kinot begin at approximately 8:45 AM

Halachik Midday 1:19 PM

FILM: Praying with Lior 6:15 PM 

Mincha with talis & tefillin 7:55 PM

Fast ends 9:08 PM - Havdalah on wine.  No spices/flame.  Kiddush levanah.

May our observance of restrictions be complemented by our efforts to mend broken relationships and create a world worthy of the ultimate ge'ulah.

Darchei Noam Tisha B'Av Film

Sunday, August 7 at 6:15 PM

 Praying with Lior  

Please join us for this extraordinary documentary about Lior, a boy with Down Syndrome, as he and his family prepare for his Bar Mitzvah.  It is a powerful tale of community, devotion, determination and inclusion.  

2008 USA - 87 min. - Appropriate for all audiences.


 *New* For kids (and weary parents!)

Tisha B'Av Afternoon Kids Crafts

Sunday, August 7 at Darchei Noam 4:30 - 6PM

Make your own bejeweled 'mizrach' and help Rabbi Davis build a Kotel in the kids' room!

Stay for the film afterwards!

Zoom link: CLICK HERE     Meeting ID: 783 892 391     Password: 613

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