Tisha b'Av 5781                   

Tisha B'Av Schedule & Halachot

Erev Tisha B'Av, Shabbat Chazon, July 17

Although many have the custom of wearing Shabbat clothes as usual, there is also a custom of wearing one item of non-Shabbat clothing in recognition of the approaching day.

After chatzot (halachik midday - 1:20 PM) some have the practice of studying only Tisha B'Av related topics.  Others study any and all Torah topics throughout the day.

We recite Shabbat Mincha early to allow time for everyone to have Seudah Shlishit (third meal) at home.  The meal may be eaten as usual, including meat and wine.  There is no halachik reason to eat in somber solitude, as in most years.

The fast begins at sunset, 8:55 PM, although Shabbat is not yet over.

NOTE - Please contact Rabbi Davis if you have questions about whether or not you should be fasting.

Havdallah 9:47 PM  Be sure to recite Baruch Hamavdil bein kodesh l'chol (Blessed is the One Who differentiates between the sacred and the mundane) prior performing any melachah including lighting the Havdallah flame.  Havdallah ONLY includes the beracha over the flame.  No wine, spices, or Hamavdil tonight.

NOTE - One who must break the fast early should consult with Rabbi Davis about reciting other parts of Havdallah at the appropriate moment.

Begin observance of all Tisha B'Av restrictions.  In addition to fasting, we abstain from all forms of bathing.  Handwashing for hygiene is permitted.  We abstain from all forms of anointing including creams, oils and lotions (unless medically necessary.)  We do not engage in marital intimacy, nor do we wear leather shoes, including partially leather shoes. (Medical exceptions exist.)  Those who are physically able sit low to the ground (within 1-ft.)  We limit study to topics directly related to Tisha B'Av.  We do not extend greetings to one another.

Ma'ariv & Eichah 10 PM If you are able to sit low and do not wish to sit on the floor, we recommend bringing your own low seat to shul.  Remember to come in non-leather shoes.

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Tisha B'Av Day, Sunday, July 18

Upon waking, netilat yadayim (handwashing) only up to the end of the knuckles.

Tallit katan is worn but no beracha is recited.

Shacharit & Kinnot 8 AM  

Tallit and Tefillin are NOT worn until Mincha.

Specific Kinnot will be introduced by community members.  (Approx. 8:45 - 10 AM)

Chatzot (Midday) 1:20 PM Sitting on chairs is permitted.

Film: The Homeless Chorus Speaks 7:15 PM

NOTE - We will be showing ONE film only.  Details below.

Mincha & Ma'ariv 8:25 PM

Tallit & Tefillin are worn.  Mincha includes Torah & Haftorah readings.

Fast ends / Havdallah 9:30 PM

Havdallah is recited over beer or wine.  NO flame or spices are used.

Kiddush Levana is recited if the moon is visible.

We abstain from meat and wine until Monday, July 19 at chatzot, 1:20 PM.

Additional Resources

Note - Advance registration may be required for some of this material.

Yeshiva University online magazine Tisha B'Av To-Go and Live lecture series throughout the day.

Orthodox Union Tisha B'Av Program including live lectures from Israel and the US and an NCSY Teen "Kumzitz of the World" at 2 PM CDT.

Film - THE HOMELESS CHORUS SPEAKS  (Sunday, July 19 at  7:15 PM)

Homeless people are like you and me. Life is tough on the streets, but hope has come in the form of a homeless chorus.

In Susan Polis Schutz’s interviews with fourteen homeless members of Voices of Our City Choir, they tell their stories; from women who have been abused and used, to those battling addiction, to people who just can't afford housing, to people who need medical care. They talk about their backgrounds, why they are homeless, the inhumanity of homelessness, their hopes and dreams, and what each think the solutions to the homeless problem might be.

While singing inspirational songs such as "Over the Rainbow," their voices soar, and the harsh realities of the street evaporate if only for an hour. Together, in their shared voices, they find joy and family. And from their " comes the power to change lives.  Released 2018 (57 minutes).