Pesach 5782                  

Pesach 5782 / 2022 

Chametz Sales

Click the button above.  Print it out, fill it out and give it to Rabbi Davis at one of the times listed on the form.  Hard copies also in the shul lobby.


Ma'ot Chitim - Pesach Fund

Pesach isn't cheap.  Please contribute to our Pesach Fund to ensure everyone is able to obtain the necessary supplies. Cash, checks, or online credit card donations are welcome and any amount helps. Send cash or checks to the shul.  Checks should be made out to "Darchei Noam" with "Pesach Fund" in the memo line.  Alternatively, click HERE to donate online.  Thank you!


We are thrilled to announce the return of our

Community Pesach Seder

Warmly and joyfully open to all!

2nd night of Pesach, Motzei Shabbat, April 16 at 9 PM

Regular rate: $25 adult / $20 youth / $90 family max.

Darchei member rate: $18 Adult / $15 Youth / $75 family max.

!כָּל דִכְפִין יֵיתֵי וְיֵיכֹל  Nobody turned away for financial reasons.


Please contact Rabbi Davis if you are available to help! 

Sponsorships appreciated.   Sponsor in honor/memory of a loved one.  Contact Rabbi Davis for details.

Pesach Schedule

All non-Shabbat/Yom Tov services include a Zoom link.  As a reminder, this Zoom link is intended for those who are absolutely unable to attend services in person due to the pandemic or great distance to an in-person minyan.   

Thurs. April 14

Shacharit 6:45 AM

Mincha / Ma’ariv 7:40 PM

Bedikat Chametz after 8:27 PM

Fri. April 15  ~  Erev Pesach ~ Ta’anit HaBechorim (Fast of the Firstborn)

Fast Begins 5:17 AM

Shacharit 6:45 AM

Siyum 7:20 AM

Deadline for consuming chametz 10:58 AM

Deadline for owning chametz 12:05 PM

Candle Lighting 7:40 PM

Mincha/Shabbat & Yom Tov Ma’ariv 7:45 PM
Nightfall / Earliest Kadesh 8:28 PM

Chatzot (halachik midnight) 1:13 AM

Shabbat, April 16 ~ Pesach Day 1

Shacharit 9 AM Dvar Torah by Rabbi Davis

Please observe the mitzvah of Seudah Shlishit at home
Mincha 7:40 PM

Ma’ariv 8:30 PM

Those who have not davened Ma'ariv should recite "Baruch hamavdil bein kodesh l’kodesh (Blessed is the One Who differentiates between sacred days) after 8:46 PM PRIOR to performing ANY melachah (forbidden Shabbat activity) including lighting Yom Tov candles.
Candle lighting from a preexisting flame after 8:46 PM
No second seder preparation should be performed on Shabbat prior to this time.
After 8:46 PM, one may begin the second Seder with Kadesh, which includes elements of Havdallah.
One should recite Borei Me’orei Ha’aish using the Yom Tov candles, putting them together side by side while upright. They should not be tilted to touch each other. Alternatively, one may recite the beracha using a non-frosted incandescent light bulb which was turned on before Shabbat or turned on by a timer that was set before Shabbat. (Star-K)

Chatzot 1:13 AM


Sunday, April 17  ~  Pesach Yom Tov Day 2 ~ Omer Day 1
Shacharit 9 AM Dvar Torah by Alfie Marcus
Mincha 7:45 PM
Havdallah 8:57 PM

Friday April 22 ~ Pesach Yom Tov Day 7 ~ Omer Day 6

Shacharit 9 AM

7:45 PM Yom Tov Mincha/Shabbat & Yom Tov Ma’ariv

Shabbat, April 23  ~  Pesach Yom Tov Day 8 ~ Omer Day 7
Shacharit 9 AM
Annual Women’s reading of Shir haShirim (at Darchei Noam) 4:15 PM
Mincha 7:35 PM
Havdallah 8:57 PM

Zoom link: CLICK HERE     Meeting ID: 783 892 391     Password: 613