Pesach at Darchei Noam 5780

Note: All details including times for when we need to finish eating and burning chametz will be filled in here by Monday April 6.

Chometz Sales
Due to social distancing guidelines this year, the CRC (Chicago Rabbinical Council) has made arrangements to handle chometz sales from numerous Midwest communities.  Please CLICK HERE to access the online CRC Chometz Sales Form.  PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BEFORE THEIR DEADLINE OF 11:30 PM, APRIL 6TH.  If you have questions or require assistance filling out the form, please contact Rabbi Davis AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Note - If you are unable to fill out the online form, it is acceptable to ask someone else to fill it out and submit it for you, as long as all information is accurate and in accordance with your stated wishes.

Ma'ot Chitim (Passover Funds)
We are collecting Ma'ot Chitim for those in the community who are in need of financial assistance.  There are two ways to contribute:
1.  Donate online at 
2.  Make out a check to "Darchei Noam"
Checks should be dropped off or mailed to Rabbi Davis's home mailbox (2939 Princeton Ave., St. Louis Park, MN 55416.)  The Rabbi regrets that, due to social distancing, he will not be able to greet you in person.  However if you discover something sweet in his mailbox, please help yourself!
Funds received that do not indicate "Passover Fund" will be designated for general Darchei Noam expenses.

How to Clean and Kasher 

  • Please consult A Halachik Guide to Cleaning and Kashering for Pesach by the Beltway Vaad. This document serves as a guide to cleaning and kashering your home in a normal year. It is dated 2019 but is up to date (can’t be officially updated because the original is on a computer that cannot be accessed due to office closures).

  • We know that this year presents serious challenges for a variety of reasons, and some people may not be able to conduct a comprehensive cleaning of their kitchens. If you will not be able to clean according to the manner prescribed, or if you have any other questions, please contact your local clergy for guidance.

Shopping Guide 

  • The Orthodox Union and the Chicago Rabbinical Council have comprehensive lists of what products are available, and which require special Passover supervision. 

  • If you have difficulty getting to a kosher store this year please note that there are a number of products that can be purchased at most general grocery stores and do not require specific Passover certification. These include salt, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, unflavored coffee, milk, and kosher kinds of fish (though you should wash it carefully before cooking.) Many stores also carry standard dairy brands such as Dannon and Breakstones that do special kosher runs in their factories for Passover products (and will be labeled accordingly.) Additionally, all raw kosher chicken and meat can be considered kosher for Pesach so if you have any in your freezer you can use it (the only exception is ground beef). You can also purchase fresh produce and eggs at any store before or during Pesach. 

  • While normally one should purchase a fresh bottle of olive oil or package of sugar for Passover, if purchasing groceries is difficult this year you may use the products you already have in your home that are acceptable for Passover use. We recommend checking them first for any obvious traces of chametz (e.g. wipe down the bottle of olive oil to eliminate traces of chametz, make sure there isn’t contamination of flour in the sugar, etc.)

International Rabbinic Fellowship Guide to Leading a Seder

Below is a compilation of resources to help you prepare for your seder:


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