Shavuot at Darchei Noam 5780

Chag Sameach!

Pre-Shavuot Shavu'at Limud - Week of Learning
All are welcome to all sessions.

Sunday, May 24

8:45 AM  Robert Portnoe - Talmud Yerushalmi, Mesechet Peah 
10:00 AM  Hadran Women of Minneapolis - Daf Yomi Discussion Masechet Shabbat
Men and women welcome.  No experience required!  Zoom instructions differ from other classes. Contact Shira Krebs ( for all information. 
8:00 PM  Shira Kusnetz   Ambiguities in Tanach: Vaya'as Lahem Batim (...and He made for them Houses) Shemot 1:21


Monday, May 25

7:00 PM Dalia Davis  Moshe, haMelech David and Micro-losses
9:00 PM Rabbi Avraham Klein: How many times do I have to tell you?! Repeated prohibition in the Torah Source Sheet links English Hebrew/English

Tuesday, May 26

7:45 PM Dr. Bob Karasov   Revelation - Has it Ceased? Source Sheet Link
9:00 PM Rena Klein  Torah - For the angels in heaven, or for humans on earth?

Wednesday, May 27

7:45 PM Dr. Sam Kessler   The Miracle of Revelation the Fact of Man Being Able to Endure It!

Thursday, May 28Derasha and source sheets from Rabbi Davis
Source sheets will include material suitable for studying alone or b'chevruta (with a partner.)  Please contact Rabbi Davis if you would like assistance identifying a potential chevruta.  It is, of course, of the utmost importance that chevrutot take great care in their observance of social distancing precautions.

Sunday, May 31 at 3 PM

Women's Megillat Rut Reading via ZoomSunday, May 31 at 3pm

All women and girls are invited!Use the same Zoom info as for davening and adult ed classes: Enter meeting ID: 783 892 391You can also dial by phone: (312) 626-6799Meeting ID: 783 892 391

The names of ALL 54 glorious parashiyot will be hidden around the Eruv neighborhood.  Watch for circular slabs of wood with the names painted on.  Front lawns and parks are prime locations.  (Please do not trespass on private property.  It is unnecessary.)  How many can you spot?
If you don't have time to find all 54, can you locate one parshah from each book of Torah?  How about all 7 double-parshiot?  (Note that's 14 different slabs.)  What about all parshahs that are utilized for readings on all chagim?
Please do not disturb the parshah slabs!
Please do not take notes or write on Yuntif!
Please make sure the Eruv is up if you intend to do this on Shavuot Day 2 (Shabbat) and plan to carry anything e.g. A Chumash for keeping track of all parshah names.  B'hatzlachah!
Let Rabbi Davis know how you do!

Yizkor and Shavuot Yizkor Appeal

Although we are unable to gather for Yizkor on Shavuot, please know that it is halachically acceptable to recite Yizkor tefillot while davening alone. 
In addition, we will be reciting the communal Yizkor Kel Malei tefillot on Thursday as part of our 7pm pre-Shavuot Mincha Zoom session.  As we did during our previous Zoom Yizkor, we will devote several minutes afterwards for participants to share brief reflections or memories of loved ones, especially but not exclusively pertaining to the chagim.  We urge you to think now about what you might be able to share in this 'safe space' to honor your loved ones' memories.  

Our Shavuot Yizkor Appeal is for direct financial assistance to members of the Darchei community.  Please remember that the original function of Yizkor was to raise tzedakah in the merit of those who can no longer give.  Contributions should be paid by check or online.  If paying online, please note that we lose approximately 3% in credit card fees.
Checks should be written to "Darchei Noam." 
ALL PAYMENTS must be designated in the memo/comment line as “Shavuot Yizkor Appeal."


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