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Shabbat Zachor  Bar Mitzvah of Benny Marmor!

Friday February 19 ~ 7 Adar
6:45 AM Shacharit INDOORS Sign-up here (Zoom link available)
5:30 PM INDOOR In-person Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat Sign-up here
5:30 PM Candle lighting

Shabbat, February 20 ~ 8 Adar
Torah Portion: Terumah Exodus 25:1 - 27:29; Deuteronomy 25:17-19
Haftarah: Samuel I 15:1-34
8:15 AM Shacharit Minyan 1 INDOORS  (early minyan now full)
Benny Marmor's Bar Mitzvah!

9:46 AM Latest Shema
10:00 AM Shacharit Minyan 2 OUTDOORS (Beginning with Barechu) Sign-up here
10:20 AM Shacharit Minyan 3 INDOORS (Beginning with Barechu) Sign-up here
Benny Marmor will be reading parshat Terumah at both indoor minyanim!
10:40 AM Latest Shacharit
5:30 PM Mincha INDOORS Sign-up here
Mini-Shiur with Rabbi Davis follows.
5:48 PM Sunset - Deadline for Mincha and beginning Seudah Shlishit
6:31 PM Havdalah

Parshat Zachor will be read during each of the three morning minyanim as well as immediately following Shabbat Mincha.  The Mincha reading will take place inside by the patio door so it will be audible from indoor and outdoor patio locations. 
For those who are unable to attend any of these readings for reasons of health and safety, see the Purim section on our shul website here.

weekday חול 

Zoom link: CLICK HERE     Meeting ID: 783 892 391     Password: 613

Sunday, February 21 - Friday, February 26

8:00 AM Sunday INDOORS Sign-up here   (Zoom link available)
6:45 AM Monday, Thursday  INDOORS Sign-up here   (Zoom link available)
6:45 AM Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (Zoom only)

Mincha & Ma'ariv
5:40 PM Sunday - Mincha/Maariv (Zoom only)
8:00 PM Monday-Wednesday Maariv Only (Zoom only)

Purim Schedule Friday Feb 26 see PURIM page

Next Week's Shabbat Information

Due to improving COVID case counts in Hennepin county, we are able to resume our indoor in-person minyans this week.


  • We’ll meet weekday mornings indoors on Mondays and Thursdays starting this week on Thursday January 7th.

  • We’ll meet Friday nights indoors starting this week on Friday, January 8th.

  • We’ll meet Saturday mornings indoors at 8:30AM starting this week on January 9th.  (The 9:30AM outdoor minyan is also planning to meet on Saturdays).

  • We’ll meet Saturday afternoons indoors starting this week on January 9th.

  • All other davenings will be held over Zoom at this point.

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