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Tuesday April 7 ~ 13 Nissan

6:45 AM Virtual Shacharit (see link above)
7:40 PM Virtual Mincha/Maariv (see link above)
After 8:33 PM Bedikat Chametz (search for chametz)

Wednesday April 8 ~ 14 Nissan
5:28 AM Fast of the First Born Begins
6:45 AM Virtual Shacharit (see link above)
7:15 AM Zoom Siyum (use same link as virtual davening) & Break fast at home
11:03 AM Sof zman achilah (cease consumption of chametz)
12:08 PM Biur chometz (cease ownership of chametz)

Remember to make an Eruv Tavshilin!  Additional information here

6:45 PM Virtual Mincha (see link above)
7:31 PM Yom Tov Candlelighting with Shehechiyanu
8:34 PM Maariv and Earliest Kadesh (Kiddush)
One should not recite Hallel without a minyan after Maariv.*
Before 1:15 AM Chatzot (consume afikomen)

Thursday April 9 ~ 15 Nissan ~ 1 Pesach
9:15 AM Shacharit (at home)
Musaf instructions:
It is permissible but not necessary to recite Tefillat Tal, but not during the Amidah.

One should recite “Morid HaTal” during the Musaf Amidah.  However, those who daven Nusach Ashkenaz should discontinue reciting Morid HaTal thereafter e.g. Minchah Amidah.*

Before 7:51 PM Mincha (omitting Mashiv Haru’ach) 

8:36 PM Yom Tov Candle Lighting with Shehechiyanu from a pre-existing flame, Ma’ariv, and earliest Kadesh (Kiddush)
Start Counting Sefirat HaOmer
Before 1:15 AM Chatzot (consume afikomen)

Friday April 10 ~ 16 Nissan ~ 2 Pesach ~ 1 Omer
9:15 AM Shacharit (at home)

7:34 PM Shabbat Candle lighting (from a preexisting flame)

7:40 PM Yom Tov Minchah followed by Shabbat Chol Hamo’ed Ma’ariv

Saturday April 11 ~ 17 Nissan ~ 3 Pesach ~ 2 Omer
9:00 AM Shacharit (at home)

One may read Shir HaShirim, mindful that there is no halachic obligation to do so, nor does it constitute fulfillment of the actual custom.
7:23 PM Complete Minchah and begin Seudah Shlishit before8:38 PM Maariv and Havdallah

Wednesday April 15 ~ 21 Nissan ~ 7 Pesach ~ 6 Omer
9:00 AM Shacharit (at home)

Before 7:58 PM Mincha (at home) 
8:43 PM Yom Tov Candlelighting from a pre-existing flame without Shehechiyanu
(Those who davened Maariv before 8:43 PM should repeat Shema after this time)

Thursday April 16 ~ 22 Nissan ~ 8 Pesach ~ 7 Omer
9:00 AM Shacharit (at home)
One may recite Yizkor memorial prayers during one's private davening. This year, Darchei Noam's "Yizkor Appeal" will be for STEP. Please consider making a donation here  in memory of your loved ones.

Before 7:59 PM Mincha should be recited prior
8:44 PM Maariv & Regular Havdalah
9:30 PM OK to consume chometz sold through the CRC (and Rabbi Davis) as of 9:30pm unless otherwise notified. 

weekday חול 

Sunday, April 5 - Tuesday April 7

via Darchei Zoom

Virtual Shacharit
8:00 AM: Sunday
6:45 AM: Monday-Wednesday

Virtual Mincha & Ma'ariv
7:40 PM: Sunday-Tuesday

Sunday April 12 ~ 18 Nissan ~ 4 Pesach ~ 3 Omer
8:00 AM Virtual Shacharit via Darchei Zoom

8:45 AM Talmud Shiur with Robert Portnoe via Darchei Zoom
10:00 AM Hadran Women of Minneapolis Daf Yomi Disucussion (contact Shira Krebs for zoom information)
3:00 PM Women's Shir HaShirim via Darchei Zoom- for women and girls 
7:50 PM Mincha and Maariv

Monday April 13 ~ 19 Nissan ~ 5 Pesach ~ 4 Omer
6:45 AM Virtual Shacharit via Darchei Zoom

7:50 PM Mincha and Maarivvia Darchei Zoom

Tuesday April 14 ~ 20 Nissan ~ 6 Pesach ~ 5 Omer
6:45 AM Virtual Shacharit via Darchei Zoom

6:45 PM Virtual Mincha via Darchei Zoom
7:39 PM Yom Tov Candlelighting without Shehechiyanu (earliest 6:33 PM)

Next Week's Shabbat Information

We will share information with you regarding next week once we have determined the status of gathering together in our physical building.  A reminder that kiddush, virtual or otherwise, is available for sponsorship! Thank you all for your understanding and patience.

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