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Parshat Vayakhel-Pekudei ~ Shabbat HaChodesh

Bat Mitzvah of Sylvia Gepner


Friday, March 17 ~ 24 Adar


6:45 AM Shacharit

7:00 PM Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv

7:02 PM Candle lighting


Please do not assume the Eruv is up.  Call 612-640-ERUV (3788) before Shabbat.  

Shabbat, March 18 ~ 25 Adar

9 AM Shacharit

Torah Reading:
Vayak'hel-Pekudei: Shemot 35:1 - 40:38
Parshat Hachodesh: Shemot 12:1-20

Yechezkel 45:18 - 46:15

10:30 AM Mini Minyan

Derasha & Kiddush following services.

3:30 PM Women's Mincha Service ~ Bat Mitzvah of Sylvia Gepner
3:45 PM   Mincha followed by Sylvia's derasha.

Following Mincha, please enjoy some to-go treats sponsored by the Gepners.


There is no later Mincha service nor withh there be a shul Seudah Shelishit scheduled this Shabbat.


8:07 PM Shabbat Ends

8:20 PM Maariv

Derasha this week will be delivered by Igor Braha, visiting his daughter Maayan to see the incredible work she and Naama have done for our community.  !ברוך הבא

Kiddush this week is sponsored by Bob and Deb

weekday חול 

Zoom link: CLICK HERE     Meeting ID: 783 892 391     Password: 613

Sunday, March 19 - Friday, March 24

We continue to count on your support for daily minyanim.  Thank you for your attention to the essential mitzvah of tefillah betzibur and for supporting those who depend on us for Kaddish and community. 

8 AM Sunday
6:45 AM Monday - Friday

Mincha & Ma'ariv
7:10 PM Sunday - Thursday
7:00 PM Friday​

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