On June 10th the board of directors approved resuming meeting at shul for some of our minyanim.  

Updated every Thursday evening

Friday July 10 ~ 18 Tammuz
6:45 AM Shacharit via Darchei Zoom
7:10 PM Mincha (Outdoors Sign-up here)
8:42 PM Candle lighting (earliest 7:24 PM)

Shabbat July 11 ~ 19 Tammuz
8:00 AM Shacharit, Torah Reading, Musaf (First minyan sign-up here)
9:30 AM Shacharit, Torah Reading, Musaf (Second minyan sign-up here)

4:30 PM New experimental "Mini-Minyan" for kids age 4-6 in Twin Lakes Park with Rabbi Davis, weather permitting.  Older kids are welcome to come help lead.
7:00 PM Mincha (Sign-up here)

For those not joining our 7 PM outdoor Mincha, please remember to daven Mincha and begin Seudah Shlishit before 8:59 PM (sunset)
9:52 PM Ma'ariv and Havdallah

*Click here for the virtual services link.

Virtual Kiddush is sponsored by the Krebs Family in honor of Avital becoming a Bat Mitzvah on Shabbat.  Mazal Tov, Avital!

weekday חול 

Sunday, July 12 - Friday, July 17

Shacharit via Darchei Zoom
8:00 AM Sunday 
7:00 AM Monday Outdoor sign-up here
6:45 AM Tuesday
6:45 AM Wednesday
7:00 AM Thursday Outdoor sign-up here
6:45 AM Friday

Mincha & Ma'ariv*
8:50 PM Sunday-Thursday via Darchei Zoom
7:10 PM Friday Outdoor sign-up here
(Friday evening services not available by Zoom)

Next Week's Shabbat Information

Shabbat information coming by email.

Please contact Judy Shapiro to sponsor a future virtual kiddush.

Thank you all for your understanding, patience and commitment to our community!

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