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Chanukah begins Thursday, December 7

Sunset 4:31 PM  /  Nightfall 5:06 PM

Friday, December 8 ~ 25 Kislev

Please do not assume the Eruv is up.

Call 612-640-ERUV (3788) before Shabbat.


6:45 AM Shacharit followed by coffee and treats!

4:13 PM Candle lighting - Light Chanukah candles before Shabbat candles. Chanukah candles must have sufficient fuel to last for at least 90-minutes. Those eating at shul may choose to light Shabbat candles at shul before sunset, but Chanukah candles should be lit in advance at home.

4:15 PM Mincha, Kabbalat Shabbat, Ma'ariv.

5:30 PM Youth Shabbat Dinner at Shul.


Shabbat, December 9 ~ 26 Kislev


We are delighted to have our shul youth lead us in davening and song this morning!


9:30 AM Davening

(9:52 AM Sof Z'man Shema)

Torah Reading Parshat Vayeshev - Bereishit 37:1 - 40:23

Chanukah Day 2 - Bemidbar 7:18-23

Haftarah Zechariah 2:14 - 4:7


11:00 AM Mini-Minyan with Orit & Renana

11:00 AM Nitzotzot for pre-K


Derasha and Kiddush following services

12:35 PM Mincha & Women's Minchah


Please observe the mitzvah of Seudah Shlishit at home by sunset, 4:31 PM*


5:20 PM Havdallah - There are different customs as to whether to recite Havdallah or light Chanukah candles first.  (See HERE for additional information.)

5:35 PM Maariv**


* If one is having bread, one should wash and at least begin the meal by sunset but may continue past sunset.  If one is not having bread, one should finish se'udah shelishit by sunset.


**Please recite "Baruch hamavdil bein kodesh l'chol" (Blessed is the One Who distinguishes between the sacred and mundane) prior to performing any act of melachah, e.g. lighting a havdallah candle or driving to shul for Ma'ariv.

Darchei Noam דרכי נועם

A Modern Orthodox Synagogue

in St. Louis Park, Minnesota

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