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Masks are now recommended in designated sanctuary areas.

COVID Plans and Procedures (updated September 23, 2022) can be found here.

Darchei Noam Zoom link: CLICK HERE Password: 613

Zoom Phone access: Meeting ID: 783 892 391  

(312) 626-6799

Parshat Vayakhel-Pekudei ~ Shabbat HaChodesh

Bat Mitzvah of Sylvia Gepner


Friday, March 17 ~ 24 Adar


6:45 AM Shacharit

7:00 PM Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv

7:02 PM Candle lighting

Shabbat, March 18 ~ 25 Adar

9 AM Shacharit

Torah Reading:
Vayak'hel-Pekudei: Shemot 35:1 - 40:38
Parshat Hachodesh: Shemot 12:1-20

Haftarah:Yechezkel 45:18 - 46:15

10:30 AM Mini Minyan

Derasha by Igor Braha & Kiddush following services.

3:30 PM Women's Mincha Service ~ Bat Mitzvah of Sylvia Gepner
3:45 PM   Mincha followed by Sylvia's derasha.

Following Mincha, please enjoy some to-go treats sponsored by the Gepners.


No Seudah Shelishit scheduled this Shabbat.


8:07 PM Shabbat Ends

8:20 PM Maariv

Kiddush this week is sponsored by Bob and Debbie Kusnetz in honor of Rami and Aryeh coming to town!

Darchei Noam דרכי נועם

A Modern Orthodox Synagogue

 in St. Louis Park, MN

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