Although Covid-19 has forced the temporary closure of our shul building our spiritual and virtual connections remain strong!  Through our tefillot, learning and mitzvot, we remain staunchly committed to serving the Almighty and maintaining the bonds of our community.  Please see numerous ways to stay connected and involved on our website. May Hashem heal those in need and gather us together once more for semachot.

Friday June 5 ~ 13 Sivan
6:45 AM Virtual Shacharit 
via Darchei Zoom
7:00 PM Virtual Mincha with Torah reading via Darchei Zoom
8:37 PM Candle lighting (early candle lighting is 7:19 PM)

Shabbat June 6 ~ 14 Sivan
9:00 AM Shacharit and Musaf
Before 8:57 PM (sunset) Mincha
Please remember the mitzvah of Seudah Shlishit (third meal) at home.
9:50 PM Ma'ariv and Havdallah

Virtual kiddush is sponsored this week by families of Darchei Noam's graduates. Mazel Tov!
8th grade graduates: Alex Geretz and Nina Miller. High School graduates: Sofie Geretz,
David Khabie, Yoni Potter and Rafaella Slager. College and graduate school: Joey Burke, Jonathan Burke and Noa Singer.


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