Masks are now recommended in designated sanctuary areas.

COVID Plans and Procedures (updated September 23, 2022) can be found here.

Darchei Noam Zoom link: CLICK HERE Password: 613

Zoom Phone access: Meeting ID: 783 892 391  

(312) 626-6799

Friday, November 25 ~ 1 Kislev

Rosh Chodesh day 2! Parshat Toldot


8:00 AM Shacharit

4:15 PM Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv

4:18 PM Candle lighting

Please do not assume the Eruv is up.  Call 612-640-ERUV (3788) before Shabbat.  

Shabbat, November 26 ~ 2 Kislev


9:00 AM Shacharit

Torah Reading: Bereishit 25:19 - 28:9

Haftarah: Malachi I 1:1 - 2:7

10:30 AM Mini Minyan with Maayan & Naama!

Derasha & Kiddush following services.

12:20 PM Mincha

Begin eating Seudah Shlishit by 4:36 PM.

5:23 PM Havdalah

Please remember to recite Baruch HaMavdil bein kodesh l'chol (Blessed is the One Who differentiates between the sacred and the mundane) before reciting Havdallah or performing any action prohibited on Shabbat.

5:40 PM Maariv

Derasha this week will be delivered by Bob Kusnetz.

Darchei Noam דרכי נועם

A Modern Orthodox Synagogue

 in St. Louis Park, MN



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