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This Week at Darchei Noam

Friday, February 16 ~ 7 Adar I

Please do not assume the Eruv is up.

Call 612-640-ERUV (3788) before Shabbat.

Please give to the Eruv of Minnesota Campaign.


6:45 AM Shacharit

5:20 PM Mincha, Kabbalat Shabbat, Ma'ariv


5:23 PM Candle lighting


8:30 PM Living Room Learning with Dalia Davis at the Krebs' home.

Shabbat, February 17 ~ 8 Adar I

9:00 AM Davening
Torah Reading

Parshat Terumah: Shemot 25:1 - 27:19
Haftarah: Melachim I 5:26 - 6:13

10:30 AM Youth Groups
Derasha and Kiddush following services

5:15 PM Mincha/Seuda Shlishit/Ma'ariv
Topic: Tehillim for Troubled Times continued: Tehillah 23

6:28 PM Havdallah

7:30 PM Erev Nashim for women and girls of all ages!

ם ישראל חי
Congregation Darchei Noam דרכי נועם

A Modern Orthodox Synagogue

in St. Louis Park, Minnesota

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