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Torah Sites

YU Torah started in 2006 as a repository for lectures in RIETS, the yeshivah affiliate of Yeshiva University. Rabbi Marc Spivak put his large personal collection of lecture recordings online, joining YU’s Center for the Jewish Future to continue growing the selection. It was a modest project that over the years has vastly expanded into an enormous database of text and audio of anything Torah related from YU and beyond. Now maintained by Rabbi Robert Shur, under the guidance of Rabbi Kenneth Brander, YU Torah contains recordings of many of the daily Talmud classes at RIETS, special lectures and events and videos when available. It has a whole section of journals from the present going back in history and a number of innovative projects such as the holiday Torah-to-Go booklets.

Beit Midrash of Yeshivat Har Etzion

In 1994, Yeshivat Har Etzion (Gush) began e-mail correspondence courses on a variety of Torah topics. Taught by experienced scholars, these free courses were serious and often innovative explorations of Tanach, Talmud, law and thought. VBM’s long-time director and editor-in-chief, Rabbi Ezra Bick and Rabbi Reuven Ziegler, respectively, have maintained the project’s quality and relevance. VBM was there from the beginning of the worldwide web, making the archives of these classes—currently numbering over 10,000—available to even nonsubscribers.

Elevate your Sefirat Haomer by learning Pirkei Avot with the
OU Women's Initiative

Learn new ideas about Pirkei Avot with the OU Women’s Initiative Art of Speaking Advanced Seminar 5781 cohort. Make your Sefirah meaningful by signing up for these 5-7 minute video shiurim.
To register, go to
        For a list of speakers click here.   

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