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July 12-13   Shabbaton with Blu Greenberg

July 12-13
Shabbaton with Blu Greenberg, founder of JOFA

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Blu Greenberg has long been active in Jewish feminism and is the founder of JOFA (Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance). She writes and lectures on matters of contemporary Jewish interest, serves on several Jewish communal boards, and has been involved in interfaith dialogue for four decades.  She is active in the work of the International Beit Din, a court dedicated to resolving difficult agunah cases through the application of systemic, halakhic solutions.  Blu Greenberg's works include: On Women and Judaism (1981); How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household (1983); Black Bread: Poems After the Holocaust (1994), in addition to numerous other articles and publications.

Schedule of Events
All events described below are at Darchei Noam

Shabbat morning services 9:00am
Childcare beginning at 10:00am
Kiddush luncheon 11:15am  (free to attend, please rsvp to by July 8th)
Lecture 12:30pm
Orthodox Feminist Movement Retrospective: Limits, Failures, and Hopes

Mincha 8:00pm
Seudah Shlishis & Lecture 8:30pm
American Jewish Denominations' Split with Israel
What is the unique responsibility of US Orthodox Jews?
Ma'ariv & Havdalah  9:44pm

Sunday morning July 14 
Shacharit 8:00am
Meet 'n Greet 9:00am
Discussion: The Power of the Israeli Rabbanut:
Contemporary challenges and challengers

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