Adult Education

Sunday, July 12

8:45 AM  Talmud Yerushalmi, Mesechet Peah via Darchei Zoom
Robert Portnoe
Note different time to avoid conflict with bris.  Thank you Mr. Portnoe and participants for your flexibility.

10:00 AM  Daf Yomi Discussion on Masechet Shabbat
Hadran Women of Minneapolis
Men and women welcome.  No experience required!
Note - Zoom instructions for this class are different from other classes. Contact Shira Krebs ( for all information.

Tuesday, July 14
6:30 PM  A Timely Change via Darchei Zoom
Rabbi Max Davis
So you've noticed a change as of late in the Darchei Noam Havdallah times?  Thought it was just a typo, or two or three? 
Join Rabbi Davis for an explanation and demonstration of how Shabbat times are calculated.
With gratitude to Rabbi Moshe Simkovich, Rabbi Dr. Joseph Ozarowski, and Rabbi Yaakov Love for their crucial input!

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