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TONIGHT - Thursday, September 10
6:30 PM A Most Peculiar Yamim Nora'im: Session 3
Gone but not forgotten!
This year's Rosh Hashanah service in shul will be shortened due to time constraints.  Let's devote some time to reviewing and deepening our appreciation for the piyutim and other parts that will not be included this year.  (Note - Most of the omitted tefillot may certainly be recited at home!) via Darchei Zoom

Sunday, September 13

8:45 AM Talmud Yerushalmi, Mesechet Peah with Rob Portnoe
All are welcome! via Darchei Zoom

10:00 AM  Daf Yomi Discussion on Masechet Eruvin  
Hadran Women of Minneapolis
Men and women welcome.  No experience required!
If you cannot attend the class but are interested in joining the whatsapp group where we share additional useful sources and discussion as well as if you are interested in learning on another day/time, please contact Shira Krebs (
Note - Zoom instructions for this class are different from other classes. Contact Shira Krebs ( for all information.

Wednesday, September 16

6:45pm  (prior to 7:15pm Zoom Minchah and continuing afterwards depending upon participation) -  Rosh Hashanah Q & A.
This is an opportunity to ask Rabbi Davis any questions about Rosh Hashanah preparations or observance that may have surfaced during this most unusual year. via Darchei Zoom

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