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The Divine Image in all lives

We continue to absorb the impact of a tumultuous week.  The horrific killing of George Floyd four miles from our shul sparked a global response. From personal introspection and peaceful demonstrations to violence, rioting and subsequent outpourings of volunteer support.  No one is untouched by these events, and many of us continue to sort through complex emotions, searching for an appropriate response.  

Regardless of our personal approaches and interpretations of events, we must acknowledge the deep rifts within our society, and the urgent need for unity around issues of human rights, tolerance and mutual respect.  This can only be achieved by building bridges within our broader society, coupled with a healthy dose of introspection to root out prejudice and implicit bias.

Members of our Social Action committee and others are pursuing options for building bridges.  Please contact me if you wish to get involved.

With regards to the personal introspection and refinement piece, I have been thinking more than ever before about the tzelem E-lohim (image of G-d) in each of us, and whether my actions reflect sufficient appreciation of this reality. This point is powerfully articulated by Rabbi Shai Held citing Midrash Tehillim on CNN.  It is all a work in progress, but these efforts must progress, rather than stagnate, if we are to bring meaning to this past week's anguish and losses, and avoid a repeat.

As ever, I welcome your thoughts and ideas.  Please reach out as well if you would just like to talk.

May Hashem help us heal our social and personal wounds and gather us together once more for semachot. 

Rabbi Max Davis

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