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Parashat Pinchas 5780 Shabbat Shalom. Last week’s parshat Balak concluded with the tumultuous deeds of Pinchas.  His decisiveness and zealousness in executing Zimri and Kozbi are simultaneously admi

Neutralizing the Sparks

Parashat Chukat - Balak 5780 Tucked into our tefillot every day of the year - weekdays, Shabbat and holidays – is Tehillim 30, Mizmor Shir Chanukat Habayit.  This prayer includes an expression that a

Open Rebellion

Parshat Korach 5780 Shabbat shalom. These past two weeks, our community has been engaged in a challenging experiment to determine if we can restart ‘live’ davening on shul ground.  There have been sev

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