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Beginning with Rosh Chodesh Av, Tuesday night, July 18, we intensify our mourning for the loss of the Beit HaMikdash and for centuries of exile, disunity, and fractiousness that consume our people. During this time, we add to the ongoing Three Weeks mourning practices of foregoing live music, weddings, haircuts, shaving (with exceptions) and most situations requiring a Shehechiyanu blessing.

Additional Information

Pninei Halachah

The Customs of the Nine Days and Shavua She’chal Bo 

Orthodox Union

Laws and Traditions of the Nine Days

Contact Rabbi Davis with your questions and concerns.

New restrictions include:


  • Consuming meat and wine, except for Shabbat and se'udot mitzvah, e.g., a brit milah

  • Bathing or swimming for pleasure, with exceptions for swimming lessons and swimming for medical reasons. Bathing for hygiene should be maintained; many are careful to take shorter and slightly cooler showers.

  • Wearing freshly laundered outer garments, except for Shabbat. For hygienic reasons, this does not apply to undergarments. Outer garments may be 'prepared' in advance of the Nine Days by wearing them briefly to remove their freshness. Other methods exist. If necessary, clothing of small children may be laundered and used during the Nine Days.

  • Commencing home improvements or planting trees and flowers

  • Purchasing items that bring great joy. Exceptions include an item that would be difficult to obtain or more expensive after Tisha B'Av. However, if possible, one should avoid using the new item during the Nine Days.

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