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Purim 5783

*Important*  Matanot L'Evyonim 

Gifts for those experiencing financial stress will be delivered on Purim day.  All amounts fulfill the mitzvah and every contribution helps.  However, it is suggested that the amount spent on this mitzvah should equal the amount spent on all other Purim mitzvot.

Here are three ways to contribute:

1. Bring cash to shul on Purim night or morning.

2. Mail / bring checks made out to "Darchei Noam Discretionary Fund". Be sure to include "Matanot L'Evyonim" in the memo line.

3. Contribute by credit card online HERE. Be sure to include "Matanot L'Evyonim" in the comment line.   Note - Credit card companies and Paypal take a percentage of these contributions for their convenience fees. Please keep this in mind when making your donation.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this fund, please don't hesitate to contact Rabbi Davis at

Mishloach Manot Notes

  • All Jews older than Bar/Bat Mitzvah are obligated to give Mishloach Manot.

  • This entails at least 2 portions to 1 individual.

  • Mishloach manot must be received on Purim day and preferably given on Purim day.  If it is impossible to give on Purim day, the food may be given in advance with the caveat that it does not become the recipient's property until Purim day.

  • Donating money "in lieu of" mishloach manot does not fulfill this particular mitzvah!

  • Portions need not represent distinct 'berachah categories' although this is a nice custom.

  • A married couple is obligated to give 2 Mishloach Manot gifts.  (No 'filing jointly' for this mitzvah!)

  • Parents may give on behalf of their bar/bat mitzvah aged youth, although it is preferable for the youth to fulfill this mitzvah themselves.

  • Joy of Purim notwithstanding, mourners should not receive mishloach manot although they are obligated in the mitzvah of giving mishloach manot.  This is intended to uphold the honor due to the deceased as well as the appropriate spirit of mourning that the mourners strive to achieve.

PURIM 5783!

It's not too late to pitch in and help out.  Please contact Judah Druck or Rabbi Davis to get involved.  We are especially seeking volunteers to help with the break fast, Purim Se'udah, and a few Purim day deliveries.

The Darchei Noam Social Action Committee invites you to bring a couple of non-perishable items to Darchei Noam and drop them in our collection box for STEP!  Although this does not fulfill mitzvot of Purim per se, it is certainly in keeping with the spirit of the chag and our shul to be mindful of all who struggle with food and financial insecurity.

This Friday night, March 3 from 8:30 - 10 PM

Oneg Shabbat with Maayan & Naama at the Khabie's Home

Many communities in Israel use Shabbat Zachor as an opportunity to build community through hospitality.  Join us for a night of Torah, song, tasty treats and community.    Thank you Nisso and Wendy Khabie for hosting this special gathering!


Parshat Zachor will be read at approximately 10:30 AM as well as 15-minutes into Kiddush and 5:30 PM prior to Mincha.  See details above for additional information about Shabbat Zachor and the Mitzvah of hearing Parshat Zachor.


  • Fast begins 5:16 AM. 

  • Shacharit with Selichot 6:45 AM.

  • Mincha 5:45 PM followed by Ma'ariv at 6:15 PM.   Prior to Mincha, we will make available a box with instructions for those fulfilling the mitzvah of Machatzit HaShekel.  See HERE for more background.

  • Costume show at approximately 6:25 PM before Megillah reading.

  • Megillah reading at 6:37 PM (Fast ends for those who are unable to wait until after the Megillah reading.  One who is breaking the fast at this time should preferably do so on "shehakol" items such as fruit and liquid.)

  • Lite floating break fast following Megillah.  What's a floating break fast?  There's only one way to find out!

  • The Late Megillah reading 9 PM at the Krebs' home.

PURIM DAY - Tuesday, March 7

  • Shacharit 6:45 AM, followed by Megillah reading at 7:15 AM

  • Women's Megillah reading at 4 PM

  • We will have a 'Last Chance' Megillah reading at 5 PM

Bonus!!!  Be"H we look forward to celebrating the Pidyon Haben of Moshe Messinger immediately following the 'Last Chance' Megillah reading.  Mazal tov to parents Zach & Chava Messinger!

  • Darchei Noam Purim Se'udah 5:30 PM   Thank you to all who RSVP'd for this gathering.  Bring your appetites and enthusiasm.

  • Mincha / Ma'ariv 6 PM

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