September 1, 2018

Shabbat shalom. Parshat “Ki Tavo” has some interesting instructions

for the Jews to carry out upon arriving in Israel. One on which I’d like to

focus has to do with the bringing of the first fruits; another is the altar and

ceremony around Shechem.

Let’s review how the par...

August 5, 2018

Dvar Torah: Parshat Eikev.  August 4, 1018

Eikev is the kind of Parsha that make it hard to believe in God. It opens with the message that if we hearken to God’s commands we will be rewarded with material and military success and fertility. And of course, we will get th...

July 15, 2018


Several months ago, as I usually do, I spent Shabbos afternoon on the sofa in our living room catching up on New Yorker magazines.  I tip my hat to those of you who can keep up, reading the issues cover to cover, before the next week’s installment arrives.


May 7, 2018

What does it mean to accept the Torah? To what extent is a knowledge of the natural world a part of accepting the Torah?  

The Maharal wrote in 1588 “The grass and trees praise Hashem…No created thing exists in in its own behalf. Hashem created each and everything in th...

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